Mr. Andrew Johnson

An agent of sorts who matches adventurers to jobs, for a small fee.


Andrew Johnson, known to most people simply as Mr. Johnson is a likeable sort, well dressed, but not by any means a snob. He has a little office in a building in the Cash District of the city. Most of the time he prefers to meet clients, both those who need his help and those he finds to help, in cafes or pubs.

Mr. Johnson has, on assorted occasions, hired you for various work as adventurers. Perhaps individually before you knew one another and collectively as a group. It’s entirely possible that a job for him is how you all ended up working together as a group the first time. Strength in numbers as they say.

Mr. Johnson is an excellent source of information as he has contacts in all the strata of the city’s society, from noble to dock hand, constable to criminal. Some people refer to him as a Fixer. He fixes people up with help, he fixes people up with jobs, he fixes problems.

Mr. Andrew Johnson

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