City of Phoenix

The Hunted House

The party made their way up to the old house, hoping to find the boy Waylen and get the sword they had been sent here to find. Creepy and run down, the house would have been worse at night. Luckily our heroes had the good sense to go during the day.

Explorations showed that someone had set Magic Mouth spells around the house to try and scare off the nervous. Our hearty adventurers however were not scared away. Well, not too scared.

They found their way into the basement, and then a secret door led the way into some other areas of the house. They tangled with a smuggler, who they set free, but not before he told them that this was a secret base for smugglers and that the boy they were looking for had been captured by them some days ago.

The adventurers found tunnels that led to them finding more of the smugglers, one of which appears to be Varisian. A plan is put together to lure them up to the interior of the house and do battle with them there.



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