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The city of Phoenix lies in the country of Mistabar. About fifteen years ago there was a war involving Mistabar and several smaller nations against a monster kingdom. During the war several of the smaller countries involved were completely over run and wiped out by the invading hordes.

After the war ended returning Generals were rewarded with various assignments. To the most respected and successful General of the King’s Army went the Overlordship of Far Port, now known as Phoenix. The Overlord is the highest authority in the city, answering only to the king. It is the Overlord’s job to ensure that the city is kept in order and that the taxes are paid to the King.

Far Port, at that time, was a city of thieves, a large and powerful cartel of criminals ran a virtual criminal empire in Far Port. The Thieves Guild was so powerful that they held meetings in public and even had a Guild House that was boldly labelled. The old Overlord had let order and law slide in his declining years and the city was suffering for it. The war had made things worse, and so the King decided that he would appoint a new Overlord to the city and try to salvage this potentially valuable gem in the crown of Mistabar.

The new Overlord, Lord Dean Keaton made immediate and drastic changes to the city, it’s legal forces, and ordered the immediate disillusion of the Thieves Guild. His changes were welcomed by the cities population, and sent a shock wave through the Thieves Guild. The Guild decided that something had to be done, and so they set into motion a plan to kidnap the Duke’s daughter Felicity. Many guards were killed, the Citadel of the Overlord was in disarray, and the Thieves’ Guild had Felicity. They demanded that the Overlord give up his campaign against them, and warned the Duke that he still had a son.

The meaning of the warning wasn’t entirely clear, until the body of Felicity was found two days later, nailed to the front door of the Thieves’ former public guild house, her body badly mutilated from torture.

The cities residents were in a rage. The Duke gave a stirring speech from the public square urging them to calm and to let the law handle the situation. His public appearance is attributed to keeping the citizens from rioting against the more high profile members of the Guild.

Three days later Roger Kint arrived. Kint had served with Keaton in the war and was his most trusted commander. Kint was appointed as the Warden of Far Port, the chief constable and in charge of enforcing the law and keeping the peace in the city. Keaton gave Kint one duty, “Get the Thieves’ Guild out of the city.”

What followed has come to be known as the 12 Nights of Terror/13 Days of Blood. The Warden and his men arrested every known member of the Thieves’ Guild. Many talked, giving up their compatriots for mercy. As many as a dozen men a day were executed in the Public Square, all by the axe. Known hideouts and safe houses were burned to the ground, and many associated businesses that were known to be controlled by the Guild were also burned out and their owners “allowed” to leave Far Port. The churches were called into action and many a member of the Guild was betrayed by Divination magic, and those interrogated on suspicion of membership found the Detect Lie spell could not be fooled. Finally the Guild made another attempt to defend it’s position. They made an attempt on the Overlord’s son, only Kint had long anticipated this and was ready for them. A running battle took place as the remaining core of the Guild’s members and the Warden’s men fought a horrific battle inside the Citadel of the Overlord. When it was over the last of the Thieves’s Guild was gone from the city.

So much damage had been done to some of the cities districts that a massive rebuilding project was needed just to house those displaced. The rebuilding helped to heal the wounds and the city was renamed Phoenix by the King in honor of it’s rise from the ashes. Business in the city and trade increased as the Thieves’ Guild was no longer scalping the merchants for protection and “taxing” all the cargo that came in and out of the city.

Six years have passed since the 12 Nights of Terror/13 Days of Blood. The city is once again a highly prosperous port of call for trade ships. The grain fields to the South of the city supply much of Mistabar, adding to the cities prestige and wealth. All is not perfect, for their are thieves and criminals even now in the city. They are more concealed now, and hide behind more legitimate business enterprises. They are not as powerful as the Thieves’ Guild of old because they are splintered and constant rivals for business.

This is the city of Phoenix, the city where you live. It is a culturally diverse city with many tales to tell and many adventures to be had.

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