Cabs and Carriages

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Cabs and carriages can be found all over Phoenix. They tend to operate mainly off the Street Car routes if they are for hire. Nobel families, wealthy merchants, government officials and even some churches have carriages for personal use.

Paris horse drawn carriage

The above is an example of a typical open carriage. It seats four people and has canvas tops that can be raised for shade or in light rain and let down in the warmer months.

Horse drawn carriage

Some carriages are completely enclosed for better protection from the elements and might be drawn by a team of two or even four horses. These are often used for longer overland journeys.

Hansom cab1

Most cabs for hire are two passenger affairs drawn by a single horse. the driver rides behind and above his passengers affording him an excellent view of the road. They are quick, agile, and reputable cab drivers adhere to the city’s fare limits if they want to keep their license.


Cab drivers are required to obtain a license from the city. The city attempts to ensure they treat their animals well and keep their cabs in good working order.

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Cabs and Carriages

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