Viorel Silviu

A proud Vhadran of the Varisian people.


Viorel, a human, was born under a full moon. His birth was made even stranger with the archaic tattoo on his neck that resembles a maze, but when looked at closer a wolf can be seen within the intricate design. The elders sensed magic in it and knew that Viorel would grow up to be a Vhadran, a tattooed sorcerer, one of the greatest honors passed down through the bloodlines of the Varisian people. The legends surrounding Vyush’baro were whispered about the child because of symbolism of the wolf tattoo on his neck. He never got a chance to learn from the elders about what it meant though. His childhood was plagued with fire and screams as his nation was overrun by the goblinoid hoard.

Most of his family survived but his older brother was killed fighting the golbinoids. This was a distressing time in the lives of the Varisian people and particularly Viorel as he grew older. He would often think of his brother and wished he had been old enough to have fought against the hoard.

When he grew older he began to learn about his people and adopted a proud stance on the return of his people to the nation of Varisia. He would often keep his mother up late into the night asking her to retell the stories of his people. She took pride in her son’s enthusiasm and encouraged it. On the road Viorel’s father , Wencu, died from sickness leaving him alone with his mother. Viorel inherited the scarves of his father including the family’s kapenia when he became 18. Viorel spent many nights in silence holding the scarves in his hand. The weight of his people became to rest on his shoulders as he began to feel that the Varisians may never recover from this.

It was then that Viorel’s mother, Alika, told him about the properties of the tattoo on his neck. She told him of the stories surrounding magic involved in some Varisian’s tattoos. He recovered much of his optimism from this believing that he had the power for a reason and was chosen to restore his people to his land. Viorel started to practice magic, now fully aware of the power within him and became a Vhadran. He was blessed in a ceremony for his people and there was much merriment that night. Families from miles away came to encourage him on his path. His mother was very proud.

When Viorel was 19 his mother decided to leave the caravan of Varisians and stay in the city of Phoenix. She was starting to grow ill as well and even though Viorel disagreed he held his tongue for her sake. Days turned into weeks and weeks into years and what was going to be a temporary thing became permanent. Viorel learned what he could about his inheritance from traveling varisians and other sorcerers in town. By the time he was 22 he possessed a strong knowledge of the magic within him and had even received multiple tattoos to augment his powers by traveling varisians.

His mother now lives with him in a shack in the marsh district of the great city where she sells fabrics and exotic jewelry. Viorel longs to travel with his people and learn more but feels responsible for his mother. Despite some arguments he loves his mother greatly. Viorel was encouraged to continue to practice his magic by his mother by taking on odd jobs and such. This is where he met the rest of the group.

Appearance and Tattoos:

He is well built man with olive skin and long black hair. His eyes are a bright green, which is unique for his people. He always dresses in bright colorful clothing often of the color orange. He wears several earrings of various colors. He often doesn’t wear a shirt, preferring to show off his numerous tattoos. On his neck is the tattoo he had since birth. Sometimes the wolf can be seen within the maze and sometimes not. He has a tattoo of a monkey on his side and several intricate tattoos that only cultured Varisians know actually tell the tale of his people’s exodus and eventual return to the land of Varisia.

Viorel Silviu

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