Gregor Stone

A jolly plump performer with a shadowed past and a quick wit


Gregor is a large human measuring about 6’1" and over 250lbs. His hair is long, curly and sandy brown. His blue eyes stand out like the blue waters of the north. Gregor has a kind round face and full beard. He has a deep voice and a hearty laugh that is distinct and soulful. Often dressed in leathers to match the garb of whatever watering hole he is performing for on this evening, he has a wardrobe to match any occasion.

Gregor is a gifted performer taking any opportunity to become the focus of attention. He’ll sing, dance, play, or joke his way in to the company of anyone he meets along his way. Life is a gamble and he rolls the dice every day.


Gregor Stone, born Gregor Strax, was the fourth son of Gordon Strax, a wealthy Knight and lord of the lands in the North. Although his bloodline afforded him the luxuries of royalty, his house fell during the Great War. Gregor’s father and uncles all died defending their city, but his mother had escaped with her life and that of her four sons before the savage goblinoids sacked the city. She passed away less than a year after when she was poisoned by a snake. Of the four boys, Gregor (8) was the youngest with the oldest being just 15 years old. Gregor has few memories of his life before the war, but all of them are filled with the beauty and art that only royalty is privy to and he often has dreams of that paradise. Now 22 years of age, he’s spent most of his life in the company of his older brothers, a raucous band of lost boys living off of scraps and whatever work they can find.

The Strax brothers were unskilled hunters or warriors and it was difficult to get by. Throwing out their family name didn’t help either as many of the people around them were stricken with poverty and either didn’t believe them or didn’t care. So the boys changed their name to Stone, a common name in the region. Worse more was the fact that Gregor didn’t possess the drive of his brethren. He was lazy, fat, and didn’t respond well to authority. However, Gregor always had a knack for making his brothers laugh. He was a good cook, a skilled musician, and a grand storyteller. This is how he got by. He took care of his brothers and they all felt a need to look after him.

When Gregor turned 18, things began to change again. By then all the boys had moved to Phoenix. His two oldest brothers had married and the other had joined the city guard. At this point Gregor had been expected to move out on his own and support himself. He did so as a performer, a gambler, and a smuggler.

Gregor is a careless lush with no purpose other than to see people have a good time. He has built a reputation as a fool amongst the people of Phoenix, but is usually well received wherever he goes. At this point he’d be surprised if he lives to see his 30th birthday. Nobody, not even his family knows the things he’s had to do to survive. Whatever adventure lies in front of him, Gregor hopes that it affords him the opportunity to make up for the shame he brought upon himself. Gregor has been entertaining, inspirational, and seductive, but there is one thing he has never been; a hero.

Gregor Stone

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