Amatae Tyrnaurdrenn


Amatae was born on the outskirt of Far Port, now known as Phoenix. Her childhood was filled with memories of her mother. Often while her father worked on the fields as a farmer Amatae and her mother would explore the surrounding woods. Amatae was enchanted by the beauty and serenity that fill these afternoons with her mother and till this day often thinks of them as her most cherished of memories.

Times grew tough as the Great War drove refugees towards the city of Far Port. The Tyrnaurdrenn family did their best to comfort and accommodate the influx of people, but the stress was starting to take its toil on the family. Gone were the days of leisurely play with her mother instead the days were spent learning archery from her mother. They practiced during the day and hunted during the night always paying their respects to the angelic creatures that inhabited the surrounding areas. It was difficult for Amatae to take her first life. She vividly remembers crying in her mother’s arms. She was later explained and the taught the necessity of such actions and eventually Amatae grew more accustomed to it though inwardly she vowed never to take a humanoid’s life.

The end of the war brought back some semblance of peace again. Amatae was maturing and her parents were very proud of the women she had become. Amatae’s father continued to work on the farm while Amatae and her mother would go into town every week to sell the fresh fruits and vegetables. It was during one of these trips that Amatae first saw the city guard chase and eventually bring down a thief who had stolen some jewelry from a nearby vendor. Amatae immediately fell in love with the sense of duty and justice associated with the profession and when she returned home asked her parents many questions that night about them. When the city declared war on the thieves guild Amatae followed the news closely secretly wishing she could join in the fight against the treacherous thieves of the city.

When news of Felicity’s death reached Amatae’s ears she wept for two days. When she recovered she grabbed her bow and sneaked out of her parent’s house and into the city to help the fight against the evil that had infected the city for too long. Her skills proved useful to the city guard and they gladly welcomed the help in tracking the thieves down. Amatae would not kill though. She made it clear from the start, but still did everything in her power to catch and bring into justice the criminals. When it was over and Amatae had built a reputation for being merciful and having a grace that exemplified the most beautiful of her race.

When her parents discovered that she had been sneaking out to help with the effort to clean out the city they were at first astonished and fearful for her. This soon passed as the trips to the city with her mother were often filled with praise for Amatae. They became proud of her and encouraged her move into the city in order to continue her work.

Though she missed her life outside of the city and among the woods she enjoyed the thrill she got every time she brought in another thief. The city guard would pay her for each one brought in. She eventually started taking other jobs as well and eventually met up with the other members of the group.


Amatae is an elf that resembles the most delicate flowers found outside of the city of Phoenix. Her hair is a radiant blonde bursting with color and vibrancy. Her eyes are of the deepest blue that people say reflects the waters as the sun settled down into the sea. She had a kind and compassionate face with high cheekbones. Her smile filled the room and people often felt glad to have been in her company. In the way she dressed she was pragmatic often trying to hide the beauty she possessed. She still wore the colors and clothes her mother had sewn and stitched herself and they lay upon her shoulders like a soft wind.

Amatae Tyrnaurdrenn

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