City of Phoenix

A Job Offer

It's really a simple job...

Mr. Johnson had passed word to the group through Helga that he might have a job for them. While they were gathered at The Prospect that evening he took some time to sit down with them and give them a general outline of the job.

It seems an old retired adventurer, Angus Bellamy, was approached about putting together an exhibit for a museum. The exhibit was to show case the adventuring history of Mistabar. They wanted to put Angus’ old adventuring kit on display. He had everything, save for his old sword. He knows where he left it, the town of Saltmarsh. He was hoping to have someone go down there and see if they could retrieve it.

The group agreed to take the job and Mr. Johnson left them to their evening so that he could work out the particulars. They would get the details the next day and head out.

To celebrate Walril ordered a round of drinks, to be put on Viorel’s tab. By the end of the evening Walril was pretty plastered and trying to get Amatae to take him home. She tried to get her friends to help, but they had already slipped away, leaving her to carry the drunken halfling back to his apartment and unceremoniously deposit him inside before retiring to her own apartment.


Woooo, drinks!

I so wish we were meeting this week! :D heh heh. Oooh, do we have some equipment yet?

A Job Offer

I’ve added some equipment to the character sheets as well as made some changes to some of them (which I emailed those players about). So when we sit down next time we’ll go over that a little bit so everyone has an idea of what they have and what some of the uses are for.

A Job Offer

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